It’s been 11 years

Eleven years ago my friend and neighbor died and I was taking care of him when he passed. I was the one that had to sort through his possessions to find next of kin. While doing so, I came across numerous items that made me suspicious of who this man really was. The suspicion was so strong that I turned to the internet for help. I contacted law enforcement but they never did respond. I searched Zodiac Killer discussion forums and websites looking for someone to talk to regarding the things I saw and the things I knew. This was in 2009.

This was my first attempt at contacting someone with more knowledge in the case.

The people at the official Zodiac Killer discussion forum were friendly and welcoming and helpful.

I took their advice and attempted to contact Tom Voigt. He is the owner of the Zodiac Killer website. I was optimistic and thought for sure he would be able to lead me to the right people to give my information to. I emailed him immediately and got no reply. Literally 7 years later, he finally replied. It was a short message. He told me he was planning a trip down from Oregon to visit the police department in Vallejo. He told me he would be happy to pick up any items I have and he would personally deliver them to the detective in Vallejo for me. All he wanted was for me to send him money for gas since he was driving so far. I was angry. First off, why did it take 7 years to reply to my message? And why would I pay for his gas to deliver my items to a police department that was less than an hours drive from my house when I could take it there myself? He clearly wasn’t going to be much help for me. He seemed selfish and unwilling to actually want to solve the case. Unfortunately, it seems not everyone really wants to solve the case. They seem to want attention and money. It’s very frustrating. So now its 2020. Nothing has changed much. I can say though, that I have crossed paths with some very intelligent and interesting individuals that have taken the time to research my friend and the common conclusion is that I have more evidence on this guy that matches the known facts about the Zodiac Killer than any other suspect since the beginning of this case, more than 50 years ago. I’ve even been able to have his family members submit their DNA. I just don’t know how to convince them to make it available for the public and law enforcement to use for any investigations. I do have some new items coming any day now. So, stay tuned! I will be uploading new media that will need to be reviewed. Thank you for all the help everyone has given me. I knew my gut was right. Now it needs to be sorted out and put in order.

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