After so long, I have finally gotten the movies back from the developer.

As expected, there’s no smoking gun. Just little blips that keep me suspicious of this man.

I saved some screenshots. It was interesting to see him as a younger man.

This is the Sunbeam car he drove in 1969.

In the films, there is a short clip where the video goes from a child playing a violin, then cuts quickly to two men fighting eachother on the ground, then cuts back to the child again.

In another part of the film, the same silent film is cut in, backwards and upside down and plays for a moment before cutting back to the family again.

He recorded a visit to the Masonic Cemetery near Bodie, CA., and some short clips of Bodie, the gold rush era ghost town near Mono Lake in Northern California. There was also a trip to an African type safari that used to be operational in Southern California, but has since closed down.

Nothing that I could see was anything more than simple home movies.

I’ve sent all of the movies to his family. I am sure they will enjoy seeing the movies since they were made 60 years ago and had not been developed yet until now.

6 responses to “Films”

  1. with regards the bits of movies spliced in, could be nothing more than just a way of joining separate filmings into a single edit… then again it could be some way of communicating a secret message…


  2. Nice to hear. He sounds like a true warrior. Takes on all comers, doesn’t discriminate. I take it you know they are presents.
    Hope you are well. This will pass. A lot of very smart people are working on cure.


    1. Thank you. I’m as healthy as possible. I hope you are well too!


      1. I would like to meet you. You have rejected/ignored my last two tries to meet. Can’t blame you on either attempt by me. I am willing to meet you where ever, when ever you want. I know it is scary on both of our parts. But I think you are a beautiful, intelligent, driven woman and willing to abide by your rules to meet.


  3. Reading this, I kept thinking of The Supremes song “You Keep Me Hanging On”. Still think you are onto something though. BTW, has your cat been on any more adventures?


    1. My little guy has been staying close to home. Lots of adventures still. He brings me snakes, lizards, skinks, mice, voles, birds and a jack rabbit baby….so far. I see him trying to get the big gray squirrel that seems to snicker at him from way up in the oak trees around my place. He keeps his distance from me because I always touch him and pet him and love on him and he doesn’t like it. I just love him so much. I can’t help it.


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