Marshall Shingle Company, Oakland California

The Marshall Shingle Company in Oakland was owned by Harvey’s Step-Father. Harvey worked for his stepfather at the Shingle Company in February 1953, according to the timeline you see below.

Harvey’s handwritten timeline from his induction into the Army in 1944 to June of 1962. He has chronicled his employment and his schooling on this particular timeline.

In 1956, there was a suspicious fire at the Shingle Company as documented in the article below found on

April 19, 1956 – Oakland Tribune

Below is Edward E. Marshall’s obituary. It claims he died one week after he had surgery on his leg. He was 77 years old.

Dated: September 5, 1962

One response to “Marshall Shingle Company, Oakland California”

  1. All I see here are THINGS not links just things lol… Like what does this mean in a bigger sense? All I see are some newspaper clippings? Any THEORIES to go with this? DUMPING started all this serial killer ‘trend’…is so hard to believe some of these suspects could have met in various nuthouses or jails etc? Maybe they met at Navy Therapy lol?


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