Harvey’s Fingerprints taken during induction to the Army, 1944

If they have any prints from any perpetrator, these could be used to include or eliminate a suspect. These prints were not in any database due to the Fire in the Personnel Records Building back in 1973. All of his files were destroyed in that mysterious fire. Does anyone have any experience with matching fingerprints? This is not the best copy but they’re his prints apparently. Don’t they have partial prints from the killer?

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  1. Hey Darla,

    Steve Beaumont here, I messaged you on Tom’s forum a few days ago, I hope you got the message as I’ve had a couple of issues in the past with sending messages on there. I was just saying thank you very much for the contribution that you made to the Obsession Into Darkness documentary, and letting you know that is has been slightly delayed for about another 10 days.

    Which brings me to my next point, during the production process I have come to realise that there is one particular part of the project that I would like to offer you the opportunity of undertaking. It would be about half a page of voice recordings, nothing major, just reading a female witnesses testimony from Lake Berryessa.

    I’m thinking that this offer could be mutually beneficial, if you agreed to it, it would help you to spread your message as I would include your name and your site address in the credits of the documentary, although as nobody else is getting their site included with their credits I would offer this option to you if you paid an additional $70, to make it $100 in total, and that would mean your name & site address would be included in the intro and end credits, of all future episodes in the series, as well as including a direct link to your site in the description sections of all episodes. I think that would really help to get your message and information on Harvey out to a lot more people.

    The way I see it is that Sandy Betts is a very well known and respected researcher, and I believe that with the work you have done in regards to Harvey, you could be as well regarded as she is, and I think that undertaking an opportunity like this could most certainly boost your profile and lead to other opportunities. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if you found yourself being offered TV work at some point after this.

    The benefit for me is that, first of all I think that the inclusion of a female voice for the part i am talking about will add another element to the episode that will elevate it above episodes 1 and 2, and really make it the best episode yet. Secondly, the additional money would aid production immensely as well, it would take a little bit of pressure off of the team and allow us to focus that bit more energy in the project and really make it something special.

    I hope that you will give real consideration to this offer and I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience with your response either way.




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