So many chills

Everytime I begin to read the Zodiac Killer forums out there, I get chills up my spine because the theories and facts line up so well with what I know about Harvey. Harvey was sarcastic. He had a sophisticated intellect. He placed himself high on a pedestal linguistically. He was very smart. He was very different. His personality mirrors what is known about the Zodiac Killer. He was adamant about being cremated right away. He feared the police entering his home til the very end. He never relaxed. He was always in hiding, in disguise, on his toes. Very sure of how to keep everyone away from him and he did. Even his family members. I was the only one allowed to be in his life and in his home. He trusted me wholeheartedly and I earned that through my many years of truly caring about him. I guess he sensed my strong integrity. I cannot even explain the connection he and I had. It was almost biblical in a sense since I couldn’t explain why or how it became about. I now feel a bit silly since I was actually duped into caring for him not knowing who he really was. His true identity was his lifelong secret and I’m sure he smirked every time he and I spoke since I really had no clue. He relied on my naivety for his safety. He kept me that way. Which is good for his sake since I tend to be a tattle-tale when it comes to people doing bad things to others. I don’t know if I would have been able to keep his identity a secret if I had known who he was when he was still alive. He was prepared to die. He planned it. He knew exactly when it would happen and called it and died just as he said he would. It was very odd. He had such control of everything. It still sends chills up my spine even after 12 years since his death. R.I.Paradice Harvey 12.7.1925-2.23.2009

One response to “So many chills”

  1. I believe you are still a beautiful, intelligent, driven woman. I do not want to be an inhibitor, but an advocate.


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