Harvey’s brother Ray Jr. was a taxi driver

This is a huge discovery for the Zodiac Killer case. An individual (reddit user: sdrybread) contacted me this morning to bring to my attention that Harvey’s brother Ray’s Army enlistment documents show that he was a taxi driver.

For anyone who doesn’t have knowledge of the case, there was an unsolved murder in Southern California in 1962 that investigators suspected might be linked to the Zodiac Killer due to a threatening phone call that was made prior to the murder of taxi driver Ray Davis.

My theory, since Harvey never confessed to me personally is that he chose his victims based on who they were and that they shared the same name of someone close to him that he disliked or had some issues with. This find confirms this theory and definitively links Harvey to the Zodiac Killer case.

The links below will take you to the enlistment documents that prove this.

Genealogy website


Please share this post! This needs to get to the people that can do something!

3 responses to “Harvey’s brother Ray Jr. was a taxi driver”

  1. The Zodiac was not any of the top 5 suspects or this one…but has a link to ONE of them.

    “I fought the law, and I won”. 😉


    1. sorry Top 10 suspects.


      1. Harvey was good. Very good at the game. And yes, he fought the law and really did win. Even though that was a miserable existence.


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