The Count Of Monte Cristo

Here is another possible clue I found today. This reddit user seems to theorize that the Zodiac Killer drew some of his inspiration from the story of The Count of Monte Cristo…

Today I found this in one of Harvey’s folders…:

It is a page out of the Count of Monte Cristo book. I translated it from Italian to English and searched Google for this result.

Amazing stuff! Especially since nobody seems to be paying any attention to the clues I’m finding that keep leading Harvey to the Zodiac Killer case.

I’ve also got more clues that are leading Harvey to the Texarkana Moonlight Murders in 1946 and to the Black Dahlia case in 1947.  More on that later!

One response to “The Count Of Monte Cristo”

  1. Texarkana… who knew?

    and Elizabeth Short was said to like military men.



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