Is “Honcho” the “Black Hand”?

Today I discovered what just might be a connection to another suspect in the case and would link both suspects to the Zodiac Killer case, if I’m right.

Sandy Betts is a long standing researcher and alleged victim of the Zodiac Killer. She is still a regular contributer on the popular discussion forums on the internet and has quite an interesting story to share regarding her involvement in the case herself. You can read all about her personal story on Tom Voigts Zodiac Killer discussion forum.

I do admit, I have not read her story yet myself. I don’t normally read about anyone’s theories or the person’s of interest or suspects that are brought forward. I have tried to keep the facts from police reports as the only source of actual known evidence that I use to draw from for the connections I do find. But with that being said, there is no way a person can keep from seeing and absorbing some of the many theories out there that seem highly likely to be possible facts as to what may have taken place more than 50 years ago when the Zodiac Killer was actively killing seemingly innocent people. I don’t want false information to taint what I know.


And this is the audio clip where I found this information: El Mano Negro audio

In the clip, Harvey is talking on the phone with his caretaker at the time and they were discussing a woman that Harvey did not like. He says that the woman better watch out or next time she will get to meet “El Mano Negro” in a somewhat menacing tone.

Now I’m curious if the El Mano Negro was a known serial killer in California in the early 2000’s? Or if anyone else would have even known that name at that time except for key players in the crimes? Hmmmm…down the rabbit hole I go…I’ll update more soon!

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