The Hoax

The Zodiac Killer told the media that he would change the way he would be collecting his slaves for his afterlife and the letters seemed to stop in 1974. There were letters received afterwards that were believed to be written by a hoaxer due to the Zodiac Killer telling them he wouldn’t be sending letters anymore. But were they written by a hoaxer afterall? They say the Zodiac Killer had a strong desire to taunt the police and enjoyed the media attention so much so that they say he probably never stopped writing, that he just started writing under a pseudonym and had possibly even had some of his writings published under a pseudonym.

The Hoax

The link above will take you to a folder with writings that Mr. Colliver had published in 1986 under the pseudonym “Winston Smith”. The story, if you choose to try to read it, makes no sense whatsoever to me. Maybe you will have better luck understanding it than I did. If you do, I’d love to hear what you think of it. Leave a comment, if you don’t mind? It might help make sense of the story? Thank you.

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