I’ve been mainly focused on learning as much as I can about who Harvey was. I can’t ignore his connection to Texas, especially when there are more unsolved cases there too. Contrary to popular belief, I agree with the minority that the “Phantom” in the “Texarkana Moonlight Murders” is the same person that later became the Zodiac Killer in Northern California. Here’s why I suspect that…

  • Harvey was medically discharged from the Army in March 1945 following an extensive hospital stay at the Harmon Medical Hospital in Longview, Texas. He was allegedly falsely diagnosed with congenital syphillis during his military induction and the Army “treated” his disease by subjecting him to penicillin injections, infecting him with malaria and performing a mustard gas skin test on him. He never believed the doctors and fought the treatment they administered. He documented his entire ordeal, down to each day.
January 1944
February 1944
March 1944
April 1944
May 1944
July 1944
October 1944
December 1944
December 1944 continued

When he was finally released from the hospital and discharged from the Army, he was far from home. I have a strong suspicion that he stayed in Texas for some time afterwards and that he was still there at least until the late Spring of 1946.

Consider his record-keeping.

I keep records when I feel things are important enough to need such detail, so I can go back to refer to those records later, when needed. I have to assume he did the same. Whether those records he kept were done as it happened or if he went back at a later time and created the record, it was important enough to him to do that.

But why?

Well, he had to try to prove his medical diagnosis was wrong and wanted to show that the Army used him as a guinea pig to test their mustard gas and to infect him with malaria to see how the new antibiotic called penicillin would do to cure the illnesses.

Turned out that Harvey was allergic to penicillin and he nearly died. His loss of sight in one eye was due to their treatments and not from syphilis, as the doctors had claimed. The hospital kept no records of the experiments they performed on Harvey.

The Army refused to acknowledge Harvey’s mistreatment and the resulting damage it caused. They refused to award him any monetary compensation and this made him very angry.

Here he was, a young healthy man accepted into the Army during World War II when he was 18, just to be abused by the medical doctors and discarded a very damaged person with no money, no future, medical issues he did not have when he went in and a very uncertain future.

I believe he was angry enough to kill those people in Texarkana less than a year after the Army discarded him.

If you look at the calendars above, you will see he added details about the days and times he was given leave for personal time. Days and time, down to the minute. I get the sense that he used that timeline in Texarkana in early 1946 to give the police a clue about who might be committing those murders, but that it wouldn’t lead to him since he’d been relieved of duty nearly an entire year before. The hospital where he had been staying was only an hour and 30 minutes or so away from where the crimes happened. That’s close enough to get in and get out and back to where he was staying in Longview, Texas so that he wasn’t really missed by anyone.

He writes also about a man named Jack Anderson killing someone or being killed. I’ll have to do some digging to see what I might find.

Anyways, this topic seems to keep popping up and deserves to be explored. Especially with so many other things that have been connecting to Harvey and the Zodiac Killer.

I will update more as it happens.

Thanks for the support by reading my entries. I do appreciate it! 🙂

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