Traveling Home

After Harvey left Texas, he traveled West towards his home in Northern California. He stayed for some time in the Los Angeles area, not sure exactly how much time, but into early 1947. This is where I believe he met Elisabeth Short. At a bar, most likely. After her tragic and horrendous murder, she became who we now refer to as The Black Dahlia.

I have a book on human anatomy that belonged to Harvey. The books spine tells where it had been mostly opened to as it was used. The memory it holds to the pages with illustrations of mostly female organs.

This link will take you to a folder online where I’ve posted pictures of the book and the pages the books spine had been used to being open to more than once or twice.

I think he was angry enough at the Army to mutilate this young woman.

I think there are many more murders that he committed that are still unsolved from Texas to California and beyond.

How do I find the proof? The smoking gun?

How do I get law enforcement to listen?

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