JAN, 6 1980 Dearest Mario, Thank you for the Christmas card. Merry Christmas and happy Capo d’annc to you and best wishes to you Liliana, Paolo, and Stefano. My mother wants to go to Italy but she (she is afraid; det terron’sti) the terrorists frighten her. Aside from me, bromo, she is my passionate desire, a woman from Italy who speaks only Italian (who cannot speak or understand
especially English American) with which I could pay every day. Elei could read books for me (in Italian) because I can’t read them. But, I know well, it is not possible to have a woman; so I have to talk to myself and read alone. But hope costs nothing. I want to send you a magnetic tape recorder (ula cassettes) by mail. With this we will be able to correspond. But we can also record for radio and television the drama, Comedy,
and the tragedy to study the linque. Also you can send me ceti books (in Haliano) and I will pay you; and I can expect to send you certain books in American, which you will need. The books I want to have so (little by little how I can pay) sont “from synoym 1 1 | Dictionary of synonyms (and the opposite); Soho: [HG Wells: La guarra dei mondi (Vlay of the world’s), etc.; ]; 2. Italian Etymology a list of the most important roots and infix prefixes, and suffixes of the Italian language,

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