fugitives, where they are collected and cared for.  I – ico, ag.  (centric).  Which passes through the center.  Of the Middle .  -ista, ag.  m.  neol.  Who or who belongs to the center, in a political sense.  Schiarea seed, Salvia m.  + centrongalli, sòma center, wild.  m.  Spherical corpuscle near the cell nucleus.  I – sphere, m.  A halo of filaments surrounding the centrosome when the cell enters karyokinesis.  centùmvir i, pl.  m.  “CENTUMVIRI. Roman magistracy, of one hundred citizens, and more, which judged important cases by law. Decurions in the Municipalities and colonies. I – ale, ag. Attenente to the magistracy of the Centumviri. * Centùpede, see below centiman. A . (-uplicate). CENTUPLICATE. centupl icare, Multiply by 100. | Accre scere, Increase greatly. , m. (cènt-), 100 times more. I 100 times greater. * centura, see belt. f. CENTURIA. Company of 100 centuri a, soldiers on horseback. | Political part of the lio. Series of a hundred. | Confraternity of roo men. L – ares, a. Sort by centurie. -Ato, ag. Divided to Roman people, centurie voted. Comisi, where the -onato, m. Degree of centurion. Il – one, per centurie. in my m. * CENTURIO of 100 soldiers. ENORUS, -ONIS. Roman law.  ta in the brain of pe.  core and produces itself stardust;  in the body of dogs it changes into a kind of tapeworm (tania canurus).  f.  Cèpola tea fish, nioids, of which the species Cèpola.  cie nostrale is called reddish (cepola rubescens) cépp a, throw the roots.  Buried part of the tree that Stump.  -aia, f Part of the trunk to which the roots are attached, pl.  Trees of a coppice that stretches to the ground.  gliansi to the log, below.  Horns (ir.).  -ata, Group of trees or tree trunks.  Live stump in the ground.  -atella, f.  Branch of the tree that is between plant.  Steering column.  The – atello, m.  dm.  pl.  Mushroom species.  -ato, ag.  Rooted.  – watercolor, m.  -etto, m.  dm.  Small piece of wood.  I – icons, m.  * OCCIPUT ITIS.  acc.  Head .  Occiput (schr.).
m. and cleaver the born. ¡Céppo, of the tree, and also of the vine. Pedal of the tree, cut to burn. Lomo stolid, ba they decapitated themselves gross, inert. I Wood on which pl. Instrument in which I Origin Slavery. to the prisoners. The people of a family were holding onto them. of the brake, Part of the brake that rubs against the wheel rim. Etymology, (Tuscan). Feast and gift of Christmas, to burn, to beat that children do on Christmas Eve, to have 7. the present . holidays * Base of the cross. I of wooden beam or perior of the anerro shaft, fixed at the end on a box for the common anchor. ase, Few houses together. to collect alms. Piece of solid wood that serves as a base for the plow. EN of the anvil, the woodcutters, the winch, the bells, etc. , Piece of a trunk that serves as support, base, support (see bell). Share 0
crossing words whose cross furrows on the old. letters must be placed in boxes arranged in vertical and horizontal lines, which intersect; mystical enim game also called crossword puzzle. -ator, m. Ship with very fast displacement. and powerful for exploration. armed mind, destined for seed-eyeing, dm. light, protected, armored. v. explorer. atura, f. ra, f. Crossing effect, Crossing point. Passing one rope over the other. m. Way, act of crossing. Crossroads. || -click, Cross, 3., 7., com. of small things, or at times, I of ways; iron wires, ropes. fingers . pt. , ag. The hands contrast. -cchiatura, f. 1 of the cross. of trains, of streets. -checked, Mo and wings on the chest. Crossed in f. “Act, effect, form, -o, sexual m. Crossing, Crocicchio Union of variety races Fertilization of a plant of a different species. Animal or vegetable hybrid. Alteration of the form of a word due to the influence of another similar in meaning or form : for example: latern in lantern due to the influence of the Greek áum or kaumát. to cross, climb a rock; to put oneself in a position where one can no longer climb or descend. rfl. CRODA. leather. Aggrin. a., rfl. CORIUM. Incoiare, Hindu. zare. I – ato, pt., ag. Became hard and wrinkled. That cannot be crol incrollabile, side, shaken, shaken, man I faith, unchallenged. That cannot ruin, fall. Tower, wall, edifice – + brick, (2. incrósto). Narrating or placing crònaca. Im mulching. M. Encrust, crust, Cover with crust. A. (Encrust). . Cover with thin layers of marble or stone, wall and sim. of black and white marble. of travertine the walls. with semiprecious stones, enamel. Clogging, Obturating rare ducts, channels, forming crusts. -amento, roste Modo, act of encrusting. Concretion. -ato, Covered with layers of marble, marble, stones Provided with a calcareous shell. chin of marble, ivory, silver, and sim. in lature of planking, floor: Incrustation. a ● Formation of calcareous deposits on the surface of fabrics. Tartar, on the teeth. Plaster. I – action, f. * INCRU STATIO ONIS. Crusting. calcareous, produced by hard waters. saline. of fine stones, ivory, etc. icate, ag. That did crust. -olar, a. (incróstolo). Encrust. fine, glazes. -atura, f. Orna scana -crossed, v. worried. incrudel ire, Doing acts of cruelty. Rage. I against the prisoners, an innocent. To become sour. | storm, Rage. of plague, Get angry, Incipri gnire. rfl. Get exasperated. I a. Make it cruel. IT Ren der raw: the metal, Deprive it of ductility; the stone, Reduce it that does not hold up to the chisel, I Rincrudire 7
Tartar, on the teeth. Plaster. I – action, f. “INCRU STATIO ONIS. Crusting. Calcareous, produced by hard waters. | Saline. | Of fine stones, ivory, etc. v. troubled. incrudel ire, Doing acts of cruelty. Rage. To exacerbate. against the prisoners, an innocent. storm, Rage. of plague, Irritation, Incipri gnire. rf. Exasperation.I a. Render cruel. IT Ren der raw : the metal, depriving it of ductility; the stone, reducing it that does not hold up to the chisel. climate, Getting stiff. | of the stomach, nt. Becoming raw. | of Not digesting well. and left dry, some legumes removed from the fire 105C .. Getting irritated, Getting sour, some wounds. sour. the raw water. m. announces a.Render raw, Render 0 Properties of the metals to assume an almost perfect behavior ment and elastic when they have been previously stressed up to the limit of elasticity. -ito, pt. , ag. metal, which has acquired greater hardness and elasticity than ordinary ones. incruènto, ag. Not gory. victory without bloodshed. battles, of writers; and mercenary militias in the century. 15 °. incrunare, a. Put in the eye, Thread the needle. incruscare, ca. to . (2. incruschi). Empire of cru the script. Using LAO words from the Car
beggars. Composition comp Book or composition of pieces taken from another author. nimentation of ideas and traits pilfered from various parts. r Composition by Sp different authors. cie of grass. Centocchio Species of Sant I – ia, f. + -ista, m. Who makes a hundred. central e, CENTRALIS. Of the Middle . I What a business city in the center. and sim. an administration. de Of main office box, in which it was supposed in the cent that a body for the from the other coffers. I fire, of the globe. The motion ropes, no co tripeta force makes around a fixed point. If they are between low and high. I f. Central station. electric factory that transmits the firing energy on warships. Telephone switch communicated to all the -Ino, m. between municipalities or between provinces, or even in large administrations and companies, | -issimo, sup. Central quality, central sereh. Popa fer nerve system meni of, of the centers I -ize, a .. neol. fr. CENTRALISER. Centralize, cool. -izer (-trice), s. , ag. neol. Centralizer. -ization, f. , neol. Centralization. centranto, m. xévepov sharp point, äve flower. Genus of plants to which the red Centranto or red Valerian or stio belongs, with purple flowers arranged in a corymb and a rosary at the base of the corolla (centranthus ruber). centr are, to be in the center. (center). Hit in the center. | F in the game of football, push to balance. the pal from the wings towards the median part of the field. -ato, pt. , ag. “CENTS TUS. Of a crowned and banded globe or world a kind of circle or semicircle. Centrifuge, force a. Operate, centrifuge, by effect of the separation of differently dense components of a mixture. -Ato, pt. Ag. Milk , butter, honey – action, f. The work of centrifugation and its effect. itself. I f. Machine for competition centers. centrina, Pigfish, Dogfish, Shark. centripetal, PETE RE tend towards, seek. Of force that tends to approach the center. Centrina. cèntr 0, m. “CENTRUM xévrpov, A point of u figure which divides by half every com that passes through it: circle, sphere, polygons polyhedra will have a center. of a polyhedron polygong, equidistant from and from the faces respectively. I in general, Pa Inner part, of the middle city, fair, tano più and region, State. Place equidistant from the pe where everyone can comfortably agree and have business. “of the universe the Earth, intom all the heavens with the stars, according to which gravitation or doctrine or attraction revolved the force Point from which it moves. c compose a body. I seismic, Point within the earth’s crust where movement is generated. Earthquake center. of wheel, Part of wheel with wave Farre error no of groups of c –
to which all the heavens revolved with the stars, according to Ptolemaic doctrine. I of gravitation or attraction Point from which the tractive force is imagined to move. gravity or center of gravity, Point where he applies the resultant of the weights of all the molecules that make up a body. I seismic, Point within the earth’s crust where movement is generated. Dinner of the earthquake. of wheel, Part of the wheel surrounds the axle. nertoro, One of the groups of nerve cells that preside over the motor sensory functions of the organism. I attack or forward, Calc tore standing at the center of the first line; median support, Player who is in the center of the second line. Party or grouping of political parties that holds an average position between the two opposing conservative and revolutionary tensions. Part of the army deployed between the two wings, or I march between the vanguard and the rear, of the parallel forces, Point where the resultant of all the parallel forces can be applied. to be, in his part, in matters of greater satisfaction than the blade, halfway down its length. by Ron Piazza Colonna; of Milan, Piazza del Duomo Place or Institution in which a particular activity is centered. didactic. I for the cancer study I. Ip

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