Handwriting Comparison

Just a rough comparison I did a few days ago of the writings of Harvey Colliver and the envelopes the Zodiac Killer addressed to the newspapers back in the 1960s and 70s.

The image above is a comparison of Harvey Colliver’s handwriting on the left and the Zodiac Killer’s handwriting on the right.

I’m no expert, even though I am a certified handwriting analyst, this sure looks like the same person to me.

Each of the samples look scattered on the page, as if the writer struggled with his eyesight and as he wrote, he would lose where he left off from letter to letter and word to word.

The letters S.F. seem very close and in my opinion, it would be difficult to deny the similarities in that part of the samples.  The same person wrote all of these samples.

Any thoughts? Message me to discuss privately, if you’d like.

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