Too much evidence?

I was told recently and several times throughout this journey that what I’ve claimed to have, what proof I’ve provided from researching what I’ve found in these documents seems too good to be true and that this is all a hoax.


So bringing forward real connections, not just a couple but too many to even keep track of is being disregarded because it’s too good to be true?

How about it’s true and everyone is just wasting their time continuing to find the killer. How does this even make any sense to people?

I guess they don’t want to be wrong. I guess they want to be the one that finds the killer. Or they just don’t want the killer identified at all so they will have something to do with their time everyday.

Ok, so here’s that stack of hay again.

I walk up to it and see the needle immediately and show it to everyone.

They look at me holding the needle and say that’s not the right needle and then continue to search through the stack of hay for another needle that’s not there. Never will be there.

I am still holding this needle if someone wants to examine it for authenticity. I’ve never been a liar. Why start now with such a high profile subject? Put the needle to the test. I assure you, it’s legit.

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