Concerned Citizen!

This card was mailed in to Sergeant Lynch who was working the Zodiac Killer case in 1969. If you do a google search for this card, you will see there are nearly 800,000 results on the internet now, that match these search terms. It is widely accepted that this card was the work of the Zodiac Killer and I would like to show you something a researcher and I just found among Harvey Colliver’s documents that has been overlooked until now.

The first file is the letter just discovered. As you can see, it is typed and indicates May 20, 1964 (assuming 2964 was a typo) is the date. If you take a look at the letter “a” throughout the letter, you can see that the letter “a” is set slightly lower than the other letters used.

Below is the concerned citizen card that was typed in August 1969 by the Zodiac Killer and mailed to the Sergeant on the case. If you look at the “a” in this correspondence, you can see the letter “a” is also set to strike slightly lower than the rest of the letters in the words its used in.

The general tone of the letter at the top and the Zodiac Killer letters is very similar. Almost taunting the person he’s writing to. Clearly angry or dissatisfied with something. The way its indented also seems familiar.

I’ve introduced this comparison in the message boards. The majority say there’s no similarities between the two letters. There are others that agree that this could have been the same typewriter that produced both letters.

It’s all in one’s opinion and perception of the items being compared. I am bias and can’t see any differences. I have to rely on these people on the message boards to give me an opinion that isn’t based on anything but the facts I provide. Which seems harder than you’d expect.

So, what do you think?

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