I found this registration card just a few days ago. It shows that Harvey was in the vicinity where Donna Lass, a victim of the Zodiac Killer from September 6, 1970 was last seen.

As I searched the area for other cold cases, I found some that may have a connection to the Zodiac Killer case as well.

There are keywords that I look for in the cold case files that trigger my suspicion that they are involved. The words I look for are ones I know meant something to Harvey or any of the other unsolved cases that belong to the Zodiac.

  • Pair-a-dice” Inn Motel (Angelique Hayes, 1987, Las Vegas, NV.)
  • “Paradise” Rd. (Paula Bowling, 1989.)
  • “Francis” (Audry Francis Waltz, 1982.)
  • Paul” Leonardo, a taxi-cab driver, “Salton” Ave. Whittle”sea”, NV, 1986.

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