Paul Stine premonition?

(Harvey – Dream Journals)

Assuming the date (once verified and confirmed) (of this document which is part of hundreds of dream journals Harvey kept) is prior to Oct 11. 1969, the day Paul Stine became another (and possibly the last) victim of the Zodiac Killer, then this could have been a premonition instead of what Harvey referred to as a dream he had? I don’t know enough about dreams vs. Premonitions vs. Sundowning syndrome vs. Schizophrenia perhaps (or any other psychological “illness” this might have been) to take an educated guess as to this dream interpretation of Harvey’s.



  1. an intuition of a future, usually unwelcome, occurrence; foreboding

I guess this really isn’t an interpretation either. It’s simply a statement of his recollection of this dream he said he’d had about a bandit and someone being shot in the back. The bandit flees the scene and passes the officers that are heading to the shooting but they don’t notice that the man they are trying to apprehend has just gone past them. In his dream though, he says that he decided to turn around and follow the officers back to the crime scene and offers to help them attempt to save the victim.

But in the case of Paul Stines murder, the assailant passed the officers responding to the shooting and kept going. At least that’s what the general belief has been.

Could he have returned to the crime scene and tried to help the victim?

This dream, or what I would call a premonition, has conjured up some interesting questions about this particular case. Makes me wonder how accurate the details are that the public has of this case? The theories that have collectively painted the picture we seem to all see might be based upon incorrect information to begin with. How much information does the public have about current cases in our news? Are they indeed facts or speculation?

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