Defamation of character

I had fallen down my very steep wooden stairs a couple of years ago and hurt my back pretty bad. I was alone when it happened and somehow made my way to my phone in my living room to call my daughters and a friend who lives nearby. Within a short time, they all arrived to help me. I was able to get myself upright and over to a chair where everyone else had gathered. I was in a lot of pain but having my people close made me happy. After about an hour, I decided to call an ambulance for a ride to the hospital.

The 911 dispatcher answered when I called the non emergency number I’ve used many many times before.

I was put on hold immediately. When she came back on the phone, she asked me what was going on. I told her I had fallen down my stairs and that I needed to be seen at the hospital. She asks me, “well, are you injured?”. Why the hell would I call 911 if I wasn’t hurt? She didn’t like my tone and got very rude very quickly so I hung up. I assumed the ambulance would be there soon to help me get to the hospital. But they didn’t come. After almost 2 hours after I called 911 I called back to ask if they were coming or not. The person that answered this time was a man and he let me know the ambulance was just down the road and he would send them now.

Within a few minutes the paramedics arrived. There were about 10 of them. They knocked on my door and one of my daughters answered the door. She brought them inside to talk to me and she went outside. While I explained what had happened to the medics, my daughters talked to a couple of the officers that responded too that were standing by in my driveway.

My daughter asked him what took them so long to respond. He said he wasn’t sure why they took so long. He mentioned that he wondered why they were called but told to wait down the road at the market until further notice, so they did. He said it seemed odd. He said he didn’t understand why they were waiting. She told him that I had gotten frustrated with the dispatcher and said some not nice things before hanging up on her for her lack of empathy towards me and the situation. He said then that was probably why they were told to wait for further instructions.

The paramedics that came inside to talk to me didn’t touch me, they just wanted to know what happened and then asked me what I wanted them to do for me. I told them I thought I should go to the hospital. I had to ask them to get the guerny so I didn’t have to walk to the driveway. They didn’t help me get on the guerny. Once in the ambulance, they made sure I was secured in and that was it. Nobody said anything to me. For the entire ride.

I just cried.

I realized something during that ride...
...(but more on that later)...

I cried hard. Quietly. But hard.

The lack of empathy and the cold way I was treated, right from the beginning by that dispatcher was even shocking to my people at my house that came to help me and by that sheriff’s Deputy my daughter spoke to as well as myself. This incident was the first time I’d ever had to call for help for myself due to being hurt and in need of medical attention. Other times I’ve called, they show up fast and get busy helping the situation right away. And if you know me, you know I’ve had a lot of contact with the sheriff’s department. Mainly due to someone stalking me, threatening me, harassing me, stealing from me and prowling. This time was very different.

Anyways, I was treated at the hospital for some bad bruising but nothing was broken. They let me go home and it took me some time to heal from that fall, but I eventually did.

Now fast forward to a few months later and I was still dealing with the stalker psycho who slipped up and told me that one night when I had called the police about him trespassing and threatening me and saying he was going to kill himself and wanted some bullets from me for his gun that he told them that night when they pulled him put of his vehicle at gunpoint that I was a prostitute and drug dealer and they shouldn’t believe anything I say.

There it was, right there. The reason why nobody helped me that night. I mean, my anger might have added to their already suspicious attitude they had that night but had they not heard what he’d said about me, they might not have been rude right from the start.

I’d wondered for months why they treated me thar way and blamed myself for my anger and frustration that I had about their treatment, or lack thereof. It wasn’t my fault! It was his lies that caused it.

They believed the lies he told. I’m no hooker or drug dealer. That’s ridiculous. They should have seen the situation for what it was. I have a restraining order on this person so he should have zero credibility when saying anything at all about me. He plays his game well and fools even trained professionals with his grandeous lies.

Several months after that, I got a chance to sit down with the District Attorney one on one and an investigator at the sheriff’s office and tell my story from start to finish. They wanted to meet me to get a better idea about what was happening. I don’t lie and was very candid about the whole situation and they believed me and said that they knew there had to be more to the story than what they thought they saw from the surface.

Defamation of my character could have caused me my life if my fall was more serious than it was. This person that told lies about me to people that were supposed to have compassion and be there to help me caused this damage to me. I still do feel the lies being told to others most places I go. It’s common practice that I ignore it but when I am treated poorly because of it is when I want something to be done about it. It happens probably more than I even notice. I’ve become somewhat oblivious to it since it’s just a part of how my life has always been since I was raised by and grew up with very abusive people in my life always trying to undermine me, my life, my happiness, my future, my family and friends and my possessions. I don’t trust anyone. Not anymore. But I’m still me. I’m just careful who I allow in and what they get to know and sew about me. Those that have tried to hurt me are sick in the head and obviously very unhappy with who they are. Which they should be. They are disgusting evil bottomdwellers that really should be held accountable for the crimes they commit and be locked up in a padded cell til they die. Our world has become overrun with these vile pigs. Something needs to be done to help the victims of these people. I’m not sure what, but there needs to be a way to make them pay for what they have done and will continue to do and get away with. Police should stay neutral and get the story from all parties. They have no right to judge anyone.

8 responses to “Defamation of character”

  1. worked on emergency response ambulances, sadly many, and only slightly less than the majority, are far from saintly angels… judgmental, arrogant, superficial, all the base and lowest of human attributes – and then they have to see other humans at their most vulnerable all day, every day.

    when Arthur Conan Doyle passed his medical training to qualify as a doctor, he sent his mother a note with a sketch captioned ‘licence to kill’… kinda says it all.


  2. D!

    Long time no see.

    How are you doing babe?

    Still sexy as always huh?!


  3. Hey D, it’s been a while! What a read. I’m not familiar with the process in the US but surely there are avenues for redress that won’t cost an arm and a leg in litigation?

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    1. Wow, it sure has been a long time. Thank you. I’ll look into it soon.


      1. Nice to hear from you again. Hope you’re well?!


        1. Ditto! A few health issues over the years but still breathing in both directions luckily.
          With the exception of a sore back how are things in sunny Cali?


          1. Life is crazy. I am as happy as a clam in warm sand. Things are good. 😉

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            1. Great to hear. I hope that sand stays warm for an age!

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