Harvey’s Fingerprints taken during induction to the Army, 1944

If they have any prints from any perpetrator, these could be used to include or eliminate a suspect. These prints were not in any database due to the Fire in the Personnel Records Building back in 1973. All of his files were destroyed in that mysterious fire. Does anyone have any experience with matching fingerprints? This is not the best copy but they’re his prints apparently. Don’t they have partial prints from the killer?

Marshall Shingle Company, Oakland California

The Marshall Shingle Company in Oakland was owned by Harvey’s Step-Father. Harvey worked for his stepfather at the Shingle Company in February 1953, according to the timeline you see below.

Harvey’s handwritten timeline from his induction into the Army in 1944 to June of 1962. He has chronicled his employment and his schooling on this particular timeline.

In 1956, there was a suspicious fire at the Shingle Company as documented in the article below found on

April 19, 1956 – Oakland Tribune

Below is Edward E. Marshall’s obituary. It claims he died one week after he had surgery on his leg. He was 77 years old.

Dated: September 5, 1962

Like no other What I think is different about Harvey as the Zodiac Killer is the fact that Harvey led me to the Zodiac Killer case himself. I didn’t start with being a researcher for the Zodiac Killer suspects. He led me to it and I then had to learn about the case to see the similarities. The suspects in the case have all been chosen because of something someone discovered about them that fit in with what they know about this case.