I have just purchased two horses from an equine rescue in my area. They have been with me now for a little over a month. They came from a ranch that had many horses that had to be seized by the animal control due to neglect, abuse and over breeding. These two yearlings are crosses of Friesian, Andalusian and the Quarter Horse. I am told they are roughly one year old. I haven’t come up with their names yet. Although, I keep calling one of them “Dick” or “Richard” because he is a bit more dominant and feisty than the other one. They’re geldings and Richard looks like he might be closer to a 3 year old than the other darker one. He might be a year and a half or so.

Richard (Dick) is on the right and “Whiskey” is the darker one on the left.

I have come to learn a lot about these two boys in the month or so since I adopted them. I am currently in the process of building a round pen on my property to use to train them. I’ve discovered several issues with them that I haven’t ever had to deal with with my horses in the past. Behavioral issues that have come up that forced me to turn to the internet for help to correct. I am not rich. I cannot afford a horse trainer to come out and work with these horses. I knew this going into this project. I am pretty confident that I will be able to correct the issues in time, with lots of patience and consistency and my determination to eventually get to where these boys will be good riding horses and that I will get to enjoy them for many years to come. It is going to be a huge challenge and undertaking. But I’m sure once I have this round pen completed and I begin to work with them, they will learn quickly and it will be fun to see their progress. I’m going to keep their stories on here for others to see and as a way to look back on their lives with me. So, keep checking back with us to see our work. Comments are always appreciated.