Lompoc, California


Why is Lompoc significant?

This map of California was among these documents.


  • Cheri Jo Bates was a victim of the Zodiac Killer. She was killed October 30, 1966, in Riverside.
  • Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards were killed at Gaviota State Beach, June 4, 1963.
  • Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia was known to frequent Santa Maria before her death in 1947.
  • Harvey was a linguists professor at Hancock College in Santa Maria in the early 1960’s.
  • Santa Maria is roughly a 35 minute drive to Lompoc.
  • Santa Maria is 3 hours and 25 minutes away from Riverside by car.

Lompoc Hospital denial letter to Nancy.
Back of Lompoc Letter.

How did Harvey lead me to those murders?

  • Harvey was a linguists professor at Hancock College in Santa Maria in the early 1960’s.
  • In 1945, Harvey was released from his duty in the Army in Texas.
  • In 1946 or early 1947 he left Texas, either by bus, train, car or hitching a ride, made his way back to his home base in San Francisco. His whereabouts from letters found in the documents confirm where he was from 1946 to the mid 1950’s. Places he mailed letters from and paid his bills from include La Jolla, Santa Maria, Lompoc in Southern California and many from towns in Northern California, including Eureka, Oroville, Oakland, Laytonville, Albany, El Cerrito and San Francisco as well.
  • In his notes, he lists places he visited and when he visited them. Mexico, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernadino are just a few on the list.

When I finally took the time to examine everything he gave me when he died, I saw things that prompted me to do more research. When I started digging into what I was seeing and saw where my search took me on the internet, was when I began to try reaching out to others for their help. 

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