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  1. David Tansey says:

    hope your keeping well D its been a long time!! i see your still keeping busy with the zodiac case hope thats working out for you xx hope to catch you soon


  2. Thomas Price says:

    Hi DJ! Great seeing you on JM. Hope to see more of you there. Great blog posts here as well. See you soon!

    –Tom (totempole72)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsI’d like to talk with you more about Zodiac, how can we connect?
    Please feel free to send me an e-mail at contact@forensick.me.
    Thank you. 🙂


    1. revdom says:

      What the fuuuuu..?


  4. Peter says:

    ..hope to see you soon on JM
    a couple of years ago I enjoyed to see you nearly every evening.
    You are looking great ….
    regards Peter


  5. bobby orton says:

    Beautiful pics love watching you on jmeeting. Your very sexy


  6. pedro says:

    how to go secret page?:)…. how are you today lady??see you in jm. but cant find the room. hope you little more happy by now x


  7. snatchpirate says:

    honest people are hard to come by….thank you


  8. Kazz says:

    Hello relentless…..this is the 1st time I have come to your site and I am enjoying it. Hope to get to know you better in the future and look forward to chatting with you some time.


  9. keelhau1 says:

    svserenity.net . You ain’t the only one with problems… Hope you do better in the future


  10. bill says:

    trick or treat we are the child within !!!!!!


  11. richievalenz says:

    eh hun.. miss seein ya.. hope all is great.. talk soon


  12. Joe says:

    You really are a sexy and beautiful woman…hope all is well with you,,,,i hope to converse with you soon on “The J”..email me anytime


  13. Scott says:

    One word describes you Relentless ” AWESOME” Best of luck and God Bless You and the USA!!!


  14. xhileration(aka moneymaker) says:

    you know what. i haven’t been here in a while but i love the new look of the website. you are a fantastic writer, and i look forward to reading more of your work. hope this finds you in good health and good spirits.
    your friend


  15. xhileration2006(aka moneymaker) says:

    Man i know i don’t have to continue to say it but you are a very stunning and beautiful women…and you are a great person and sweet to boot.


  16. Matt says:

    Delta area fun guy here. 38 yo single. Sometimes hard to reach with my job……..fireman. But when I am not at work always having fun and love to travel and play hard. I looking to make a new friend? I am told I am cute and I am athletic…….gimme a note. :o)


  17. jeremy moneymaker says:

    hey girl you are to beautiful as always…….i am glad i met you on jmeeting you are a sweet women


  18. Steve says:

    At the risk of sounding stereotypical, I really am moved by the overflow of emotions pouring out of your writing. I must also say that your photos are very poetic, from the soft caresses of your silky attire down to the passionate draining smile of you lying down. If there is one thing my ex-wife did that I’m glad of is that sh was aroused enough to share this site with me. I thank her, and I thank you. Do you mind telling me more about the contributions? Thanks! Stay beautiful!


  19. nascaravidfan says:

    a truely gifted talent you have in your writings relent, you should be hooked up with a publisher.


  20. Capricorn9178 says:

    thats really nice piece u have written at ur site relent it sounded just pure and innocent what an 18 year old girl feels about the guy she loves but it seemed like mills & Boon stuff though i dunno know but well may be some day will know u better.untill than
    keep smiling and stay vivacious


  21. lee says:

    wow thats all i can say and the only words will be utterd by my mouth.

    its a pitty you dont do modeling and if so can i have more web pics of you

    thanks your admire across the pond


  22. john says:

    i thank god for being a taurus, and seeing your beauty makes me thank him everyday
    for the beauty of women


  23. Steve says:

    God your stunning.. enjoy every min your on jmeeting..thx for the pleasure..


  24. Joe Massey says:

    I just left you a msg but did not let you know who i am im stevachoe on awc


  25. Cory Aka KDuck says:

    Hey Hun,
    If you ever make it to New york I want you to speak for me at a meeting (NA) Very powerful and extremly honest. See ya around the rooms
    Email Me any time
    Cory (KDuck)


  26. Six says:

    Have never really given much credence to the zodiac signs. I have to say that that little snippet on Taurus seems to describe me pretty well and you as well apparently.
    This is unfair, you get me hooked on your blog and then you take the weekend off ;o)
    Hope all is well.


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