Phyllis O’Brien Carson

I think I’ve found another connection.

Harvey Francis Colliver loved his wordplay.

This sure sounds like all the others. Please check out the link above for the details of this case.

For those who are unfamiliar with how this case is significant to Mr. Colliver…his middle name is Francis. The truck stop/bar she was last seen at was called The Francis Truck Stop. I believe he chose all his victims based on them sharing some common word or name as the people in his life. It may be a small clue but at this point in the investigation, 50 years after the crime, there shouldn’t be any rock that’s not been overturned. Just my opinion.

Here’s something more to consider:

This drawing was done by Mr. Colliver in the 1970’s.
Phyllis O’Brien Carson

Could the drawing above be of Phyllis sketched from his memory of her calling home to check on her children from the bar just before she went missing in 1970? Who are those 2 people in the background? Were they at the bar that night? Why does the woman on the phone have such a concerned look on her face? Harvey was very handsome and witty, he loved to make the ladies smile. His disability gave him just enough leverage to get the sympathy he needed so he could use it to do evil things. Women love to help. He lured them in so easily. I see how he could have committed these crimes. It gives me chills to see that this might possibly be another connection to this particular case. As my daughter says, “those are confirmation bumps, Mom”. Confirmation that I am on the right track with this and hopefully getting close to a resolution for the case and closure for the family that has had to suffer for 50 years not knowing who killed their Mother? It’s just tragic. There is no glory in finding this stuff. It’s a nightmare that needs to finally end.

Here is another article about the case that is more thorough and well written. Please check this link and see for yourself.

Letter to Italy

This is a letter from Harvey to a family member or friend he’d written in January 1980.

The letter is in Italian. I used the google translate app to translate it into English.

The letter starts off with a greeting, then goes into his possible visit to Italy, but he says his Mother is afraid to travel due to terrorists. He then talks about wanting an Italian woman to come to the United States to live with him. He says he wants her to not be able to speak or understand any English. He wants her to speak to him in Italian. At the end he suggests that the person he is writing to should send him books in Italian and he will send books there in English.

That is, if the translate button works correctly. Maybe someone else can translate this letter? My connection is so slow. The translation might be wrong.


After so long, I have finally gotten the movies back from the developer.

As expected, there’s no smoking gun. Just little blips that keep me suspicious of this man.

I saved some screenshots. It was interesting to see him as a younger man.

This is the Sunbeam car he drove in 1969.

In the films, there is a short clip where the video goes from a child playing a violin, then cuts quickly to two men fighting eachother on the ground, then cuts back to the child again.

In another part of the film, the same silent film is cut in, backwards and upside down and plays for a moment before cutting back to the family again.

He recorded a visit to the Masonic Cemetery near Bodie, CA., and some short clips of Bodie, the gold rush era ghost town near Mono Lake in Northern California. There was also a trip to an African type safari that used to be operational in Southern California, but has since closed down.

Nothing that I could see was anything more than simple home movies.

I’ve sent all of the movies to his family. I am sure they will enjoy seeing the movies since they were made 60 years ago and had not been developed yet until now.