The Little List

My attempt at a simplified list…

A simplified list of factual connections that have been found that correlate to the Zodiac Killer cases.

Handwriting comparison
  • Physical description
  • Locations
  • Wrote government officials, newspapers, radio stations, lawyers.
  • IQ 186
  • Motive
  • Possibly connected to other unsolved crimes.
  • Victims seemed to share something with people or places in Harvey’s life.
  • Handwriting matches
  • Shuffling lope
  • Eye injury
  • Military background
  • Professor of linguistics at S.F. State, Hancock College, University of Idaho.
  • Artist
  • Collected stamps
  • Supported Franklin D. Roosevelt – made a bust of his portrait/hung his portrait on his wall (was the only thing hanging on his walls throughout his entire house).
  • Wore a disquise in public.
  • Hated police
  • Owned guns (.22, .38, 9mm) that he had destroyed in the 1990s.
  • Car matched police report specs at Lake Berryessa crime scene.
  • Book on human anatomy found with pages memorized that match the Black Dahlia case details.
  • 8mm Film cases found hidden in garage rafters with the Zodiac symbol written on them.
  • Used HAM radio.
  • Had studio set up in his home.
  • His neighbors believed he was dangerous and warned people, mainly children, to stay away from him.
  • Wrote about whores in Tracy, Benicia, Vallejo.
  • Wrote about spying from a distance on a couple having sex in a public park area.
  • Spoke of being on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.
  • Talked about killing people & being a hit man for the Italian Mafia.
  • Kept meticulous journals and documented everything down to the minute.
  • Had connections to hospitals through his ex wife and connections to the Asian community due to an ex girlfriend and long time family friend.
  • Created codes for the many letters and drawings he wrote.
  • Couldn’t trust his own family and remained completely isolated from the 1980’s til his death in 2009.
  • His daughter lived in Eureka with her boyfriend named Sam and used a P.O. Box to send letters back and forth with her Father.
  • The Belmont Slayings – 11.2.1975
    I believe this is the work of Mr. Colliver as well. The description of the perpetrators vehicle and physical description are dead on.
  • Confirmed: Harvey worked for the U.S.P.S.
    Adding to the long and constantly growing list of confirmed connections. Harvey was indeed an employee of the United States Postal Service. Still needing to confirm the dates of employment. But this […]
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