The Little List

My attempt at a simplified list…

A simplified list of factual connections that have been found that correlate to the Zodiac Killer cases.

Handwriting comparison
  • Physical description
  • Locations
  • Wrote government officials, newspapers, radio stations, lawyers.
  • IQ 186
  • Motive
  • Possibly connected to other unsolved crimes.
  • Victims seemed to share something with people or places in Harvey’s life.
  • Handwriting matches
  • Shuffling lope
  • Eye injury
  • Military background
  • Professor of linguistics at S.F. State, Hancock College, University of Idaho.
  • Artist
  • Collected stamps
  • Supported Franklin D. Roosevelt – made a bust of his portrait/hung his portrait on his wall (was the only thing hanging on his walls throughout his entire house).
  • Wore a disquise in public.
  • Hated police
  • Owned guns (.22, .38, 9mm) that he had destroyed in the 1990s.
  • Car matched police report specs at Lake Berryessa crime scene.
  • Book on human anatomy found with pages memorized that match the Black Dahlia case details.
  • 8mm Film cases found hidden in garage rafters with the Zodiac symbol written on them.
  • Used HAM radio.
  • Had studio set up in his home.
  • His neighbors believed he was dangerous and warned people, mainly children, to stay away from him.
  • Wrote about whores in Tracy, Benicia, Vallejo.
  • Wrote about spying from a distance on a couple having sex in a public park area.
  • Spoke of being on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.
  • Talked about killing people & being a hit man for the Italian Mafia.
  • Kept meticulous journals and documented everything down to the minute.
  • Had connections to hospitals through his ex wife and connections to the Asian community due to an ex girlfriend and long time family friend.
  • Created codes for the many letters and drawings he wrote.
  • Couldn’t trust his own family and remained completely isolated from the 1980’s til his death in 2009.
  • His daughter lived in Eureka with her boyfriend named Sam and used a P.O. Box to send letters back and forth with her Father.

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