Top Suspects

There was a comment made today on the Zodiac Killer discussion forum.

The writer seems to have gone through the discussions at both sites ( and about Mr. Colliver and his opinion brings up many of the strongest points regarding the identity of Mr. Colliver.

Snyberg77 says…

“just reading about him gives me serious chills. There’s undoubtedly something “Zodiacic” at play with him.”

Many people got strange chills from him. My children were scared of him. All the neighbors were suspicious of him and my own parents didn’t want me going to his house out of fear that something might happen to me. I recently spoke to his daughter and she confirmed this by telling me that she read in her father’s diaries an entry about my parents forbidding me to go to his house anymore. He wrote about how hurt he was by that, she said.

I never stopped visiting him. I was never scared. I snuck there if I had to. He was my friend and I knew he needed me as a friend. I felt it. It’s very odd to me that I was drawn to a man who was generally disliked by everyone. The vibes others felt about him were the same vibes I was drawn to.

Snyberg77 goes on to say…

“my gut feeling says that he should be up there in the top 5 or even 3 of possible suspects. He is a person who warrants more deep and professional investigation for sure.”

I am always intrigued when someone refers to something about Mr. Colliver by saying they’ve got a gut feeling or their hair stands on end when reading something he wrote. I am a believer that when someone dies, their soul goes somewhere else. The energy of their spirit never dies, it’s sometimes absorbed by the people who loved them or by those who need it most. I truly don’t believe people are evil spirits. I believe the spirit is deeply hurt and might seek revenge but it’s not evil just to be evil. There is something painful hidden behind evil acts. The spirit carries on and in the case of Mr. Colliver, I believe he is still able to touch people with his spirit and those people feel his pain and anger in the documents and pictures he left behind. Not everyone will feel it. Most probably won’t. But those that do, will never shake that feeling again. In order to feel anything at all, you must have an open mind and some level of compassion and empathy. People without a somewhat sensitive nature will always be skeptical of him.

I would put money, maybe not my life, but surely money on a bet that Mr. Colliver was indeed the Zodiac Killer. Call me crazy, I had my doubts in 2009 as well. Those doubts lasted about 8 or 9 years until I really started digging into his life and personality. I can see it so clearly now that I feel as if I was a part of the story itself. Looking back, I always had a weird feeling in my gut about him. I knew when I was a little girl that I would someday take care of him. I almost could see the future and also sensed something big was coming about him that I would be a part of. I felt that I needed to keep notes, which I have, of all the main points of his life that I was a part of. I had the premonition but I wasn’t confident enough in my intuition to change the outcome of the story. I was just along for the ride. Hindsight is 20/20. I coulda, woulda, shoulda, type of thing now. Too late to change the past, but moving forward, I honor him with posts about him that are respectful and always informative. Honesty is my core virtue. I never mislead. He deserves nothing but the truth told about him. He couldn’t have chosen a better person for this task.

So, the top 3 suspects is a good place to be. Maybe this will finally find it’s way to the right person in the case and we will finally get to tell his story to the World. My gut says it’s still coming and the life lessons I’ve been dealt have all been helping pave my way to this goal of his, for me.