I would like to propose a new Zodiac Killer suspect:

In 2009, my long time neighbor and friend passed away. He lived right next door to me for the last 36 years of his life. We were so close that when his regular care taker couldn’t care for him anymore, he asked me if I would take care of him. The last 6 or so years of his life, I took care of him. We became even closer than all the years before in those last several years.

When he passed away, I inherited his estate and had to search through the entire house to find his next of kin. While searching, I found many odd things in his house. Things I’d never seen before. Things that surprised me. The man I’d known for so very long always seemed friendly, a little strange, but I could never understand why the other neighbors sensed he was not a good person. I just didn’t have the same feeling that they did about him. But once I got to look through his house, I could see someone emerging that was very different than the person I believed was my helpless neighbor-friend.

His personality was usually playful, a bit condescending sometimes, definitely sexist, always witty and I knew he was very smart. This new person that I began to learn about was angry, deeply hurt inside, lonely, meticulous in keeping logs and journals, and seemed to be a bit crazy, for lack of a better word. I read papers he’d written that I couldn’t make any sense of whatsoever. I thought they might be some sort of code or maybe just nonsense doodles. The more I looked, the more weird stuff I found.

His house was a mess. He didn’t have much furniture, just the necessities. Not many clothes. He always wore the same thing. Never spent money on anything new. In the garage was where I realized that he might have had a huge secret he’d taken to his grave. My mind couldn’t make sense of what I saw. He just never seemed scary to me. But looking back now, eleven years later, I do see the evil he had in his eyes. I see it clear as day now. Why I never saw it before is a whole other strange and long story but I won’t go into any of that now.

The comment about him seeming like a serial killer was made by my boyfriend at the time. He has a better danger detector than me and announced his observation while we were looking at the workbench in the garage. Dozens of axes. A strange looking wooden apparatus with weights, pulleys, cables, two gun boxes hidden just out of site on a shelf, both empty. One was for a 9mm and the other was for a .22 pistol. There was also ammunition containers half full of unused bullets in each caliber and other calibers too. Hidden way up in the rafters we saw a paper bag. I climbed up and took it down. It was filled with old 8mm films. Looking closely at these old films, I noticed one several of them the infamous zodiac symbol written in dark, thick black felt pen. I didn’t believe it really could be what I was seeing.

So, now, eleven years later, I’ve researched my friend in depth and have found so many things that make me believe this man really was the Zodiac Killer. This page is dedicated to documenting my findings and for reference in the cases I’ve linked to this man. I am not a professional investigator. I have just casually looked into details of this man’s life. I’ve also gone to the Zodiac Killer community online for help and the information we have found blew my mind. I hope to be able to correctly articulate this man’s life story to the readers. I have no intention of making money from telling his story. I believe he left the story for me to tell because he knew how much I did care about him and he knew my integrity is most important to me.

I’ve tried to tell this story to many people but it’s not easy. It takes time for you to really take in the information. There’s a lot of it and it’s all so strangely familiar once you piece it all together.

My suspect not only lines up with the known facts about the Zodiac Killer, he also lines up with many of the Zodiac Killer theories that have been brought up on the case. As you know, sometimes a theory is actually the fact. Facts and theories can be confirmed at the official Zodiac Killer website. You’ll find a very long and detailed discussion at thezodiackillersite.com that covers all the major particulars in the case. Many new connections are discovered in the discussion. Also see this article about the Zodiac Killer in Pleasanton, California (where he and I lived next to eachother for the last 36 years of his life).

Here are just SOME of the FACTS I have for you to consider from this POI:

Most Wanted (Audio)

You Decide

    • He was born in 1925 (which put him between 43 and 45 years old at the time of the murders in 1969).
    • He lived in the Bay Area, calling San Francisco, Oakland, El Cerrito, Pleasanton home throughout the majority of his life. He also lived in Southern California, Lompoc, Santa Maria, not far from the suspected Zodiac Killer cases there in the 1960’s. He worked as a school teacher and worked at numerous schools throughout Northern and Southern California. All in close proximity of the Zodiac Killer crimes and suspected Zodiac Killer crimes.
    • He wrote letters to government officials for decades. He also sent letters to the newpapers.
    • He had a large comic book collection and he played the violin. He also had a recording studio set up in his bathroom and a printing press in his garage. Some theories suggest the Zodiac Killer had knowledge of theater and comic books and that he was into the HAM radio and printed his own newsletter. He literally cut out and pasted his own typed words and reprinted them to look like they were legitimate documents with his old-fashioned printing press on his workbench in his garage.
    • He was a linguists professor at SF State in the late 1950’s.
    • He was Italian.
    • His IQ was 186.
    • Handwriting comparison: Citizen
    • One of his ID’s says he was 5’6.5″ another says he was 5’8″. He had brown hair, green eyes. Between 155-165 pounds. He was a small man but lifted weights and was strong.
    • As a child in grammar school he made the honor roll many times, as confirmed at newspapers.com. He appeared to have many talents and very gifted in mechanics and language.
    • He spoke Italian and English fluently.
    • He owned a .38 pistol and 9mm pistol.
    • He called himself Sam or Samson and often referred to himself as a King or Pharaoh. Wrote a book titled “The Conscience of the King”.
    • Despised the police, doctors, corporations, women. Refused medical attention if injured out of fear that they were going to take his blood.
    • His only wife divorced him claiming mental cruelty and kept him from ever seeing their child. The child was later adopted by another one of her husbands. He never had much of a relationship with the child. He never trusted any of his relatives.
    • He seemed to enjoy trying to make people fear him, it made him feel superior.
    • He drove a sunbeam in 1969-1970.
    • Admits on tape to being the FBI’s number one most wanted man. Listen here: Most Wanted
    • Makes many comments on tape about wanting to shoot people or blow people up that he feels deserve it.
    • Admits in the early 1970’s in writing that he was done with “what had been consuming his life for 30 years” around the same time the murders ended. He then decided to start exercising and building his health and also writing his book(s). I have roughly three books he wrote and a couple newsletters.
    • I have documents of his where he talks angrily about “some whores in Tracy, Vallejo, Benicia…”
    • I lived next to him from the day I was born in 1973 until he died in 2009 (36 years) in Pleasanton, California. The letter commonly known as The L.A. Times Letter was mailed from Pleasanton to the Los Angeles Times on March 13, 1971.
    • He spoke on tape of going to paradise when he dies and having slaves in his life after death. (converting the recordings now to digital format so I can share them here).
The drawing on the left was done by HFC. The photo on the right is of Betty Lou Jensen, one of the Zodiac Killer victims.

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He’s BACK!

My theory about this man is he was angry that the Army discharged him in 1944 for an STD that he said he never had and also used him as a Guinea pig for testing the affects of mustard gas, penicillin and malaria on a human which he believes caused him to eventually lose the sight in both eyes. He tried to sue the Government and was only met with rejection after rejection and blatant denial any of what he claimed happened. The fire in the National Records Department in 1973 destroyed any evidence pertaining to his military career, quite conveniently. Defeated, he went on to become a teacher and professor at various schools throughout California and Idaho. His anger followed him. The failure of his one and only marriage resulted in him losing the family he so desperately wanted and only added to his anger. When abortion became legal, he was outraged and decided to create his own legal abortions by killing kids he felt were deserving of death either by how they rejected him or his perception of their rejection of him. I believe he knew them as students from where he worked or random women that lived a life of sin. He wrote letters his entire life to people he hoped would listen. But his letters were in some sort of code that only he understood so he was disregarded over and over.

Harvey led me to researching the Zodiac Killer. I didn’t know much about the cases until I followed some clues that I found in Harvey’s house. It’s not like I knew the details about the case before I decided Harvey seemed to fit. I’ve learned how much he fits since finding those clues led me to having to research the case.

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  1. Maxi says:

    San Francisco… Francisco Franco… Pope Francis… Harvey Francis… “my name is [cipher]”

    have you seen R. S. Clemons’ work?!

    seriously… http://www.zodiackillersite.com/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=3974

    and you know that dot on the phillips 66 map northeast of Sunol is a golf course.

    i found you after i was searching for links to telecoms of SF in ’69, as i figured the victims weren’t incidental – the killer knew where they’d be and when, so maybe he had access to overhearing their phone conversations… or physically eavesdropped – so a teacher makes perfect sense.


    1. It’s also where here and I lived. Within a mile.


  2. Rev says:

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  3. Revdom says:

    I can’t wait til this Zodiac thing is over and you start blogging about your sex life again like the old times…lol


    1. Hahaha! I know, I know! Its really getting old. I will probably switch to a new blog since the Zodiac took this one over.


      1. Rev says:

        If you switch to a new blog….you know how to let me know


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